Colorful maps
An art class?


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Bernard Lebelle

Another mixed case of bubble:ology with cloud tag mess regarding labels size (ex: Personal care 1% with a font size at least 3 times less than Gifts with a 2% value).

And I'm not discussing the "inovative represention" for average values... that half-pie is a real treat ...

Seems like graphical excellence is not a commonly shared skill


Very funny "solution".

This does point out a challenge though -- if you have an outlier like a single day of tons of traffic in Google Analytics, how do you not let that change your entire scale so that all other information is lost. I always end up taking annotated screenshots and superimposing things because Excel and the other tools I use don't have a built-in way to handle that.


Junk chart from April issue of Fast Company:

Dave T

Cool, a stacked cheese wheel chart

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