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R power, math stats power

Amusingly, the New York Times finally got wind of the R software.   See the article here.

We in the statistics community owe these folks a lot of gratitude for developing such a flexible, powerful software.  It is unfortunate that they didn't mention graphing as one of the great strengths of the software.

Equally amusingly, the Wall Street Journal told us what we already know, that we have the best jobs in the world.  Their discovery here.



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Michael Driscoll

I admit to a love-hate relationship with R. It makes difficult things easy and easy things difficult. Gorgeous visualizations of kernel density plots: no problem. Straightforward means of working with lists: good luck with that.

Inconsistent syntax. Incomplete documentation. Yet R's active community and still better than anything else I’ve come across. Reminds me of what Winston Churchill said about democracy: the worst form of government, except for everything else that has been tried.

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