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This is a well-executed chart showing the complex dealings between Wall Street firms in the last 40 years.


They found a way to present all the information without criss-crossing lines.  The right column is the clincher.  It listed all the important recent events.

Reference: "Wall Street: RIP", New York Times, Sep 28 2008.


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Jan Schultink

Well done without crossing lines. Goldman is the only straight line. Still, the concentration is less than I expected it to be.

Jim Angstadt

I have been enjoying your site for several months now. Thank you.

There is one small area that could be improved, in my opinion.

When I click on a chart to open it in another Firefox tab, the image is indeed opened in a new tab, but then the entire browser is resized to match the image size.

So I have to manually resize the browser, back to it's original size.

This happens in Firefox 2.x on Fedora 8 and in Firefox 3.x on CentOS 5.

This behavior is not evident on any other sites that I visit, using these browsers.

Once again, thank you for an enjoyable, interesting stream of good articles.


Jim: I'm not sure why that is. I used the default pop-up window function in Typepad; I'll take a look at the HTML they generate to see if I can understand why this is happening to you.


This popup-resize thing also happens to me (and probably everyone who middle clicks the images in FF).
It's because of the piece of javascript attached to each link which includes the following code:


This is designed to cause the pop-up window to resize. If you middle click the link it opens in a new tab and the whole browser gets resized.

Can't these links just be normal links? Popups are generally considered rather rude - if I want it in a new tab, I'll middle click it.


Jim and dflock, in the new posts, I'm not using the pop-up function, not sure if that helps.

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