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To whom it may concern,

I apologize this does not pertain to this post per se, but what software would be used to generate a graphic like this? I have been following this blog and love the entries, but have always been wondering what people at the the Times (as well as others) use to generate these types of graphics.

My background is in Quantitative methods and have recently become obsessed with figuring out ways to visualize the story I am trying to tell.

I appreciate your help!

- BT


The dataset used for the first visualization is small (probably no more than 20K in plain text). The second example has more data. So I think that the mistake done in the first example may have to do more with choosing a bad design from the beginning (as explained by Gelman in his post), rather than trying to cram too much data in one chart.

Jorge Camoes

Nice post, Kaiser. Loss aversion coupled with graphical iliteracy not only explains a lot but also helps to find a cure: learn how to prioritize your data.

(BT, I suppose this is Adobe's Illustrator or a similar software. Nothing that you can use on a daily basis is a typical corporate environment.)


Thanks Jorge. I am an avid reader of your blog too! Thanks for all of your help.

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