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For mid-week entertainment, this full-page ad appeared in the Wall Street Journal recently:


The vertical axis says "% NYSE of All Market Share Volume".  The time-line is from July 05 to beyond July 08.  The text in the black box is "Matched Market Share: July 11, 2008".

When it's so obvious, it's probably not obvious.  The big story is off the chart: what happened to the other 50% of the volume over the years?

Faced with this, one reaches for the pie chart (... almost).

Small add (8/21/2008):



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Jon Peltier

How relevant is share volume compared to price volume (sales in $ vs sales in units)?


Pie chart?? Don't even joke!

I couldn't find / couldn't be motivated to find out where the other 50% is in NYSE stocks, but this link


shows the share of ETF volume (exchange traded funds)

NYSE Arca 28%
Other regionals and TRF 21%


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Soren Duus

Mistakes like that rarely happen. Hmm, the complexities in many aspects of finance and accounting may not be easily understood by different individuals. It's better for companies to avoid mistakes like that by hiring people who are well-trained and capable of refining little, or even huge, mistakes.

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