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I have heard that Steve Jobs has had a salary of $1 for a number of years. I wouldn't call it charity work though with stock options, a personal jet and a heap of other stuff - he is not slumming it.


There are a fair number of CEO's and execs who have a relatively low "salary" to avoid paying maxed out income taxes.


Once you get stock options, you keep them. It's the number of shares you own that matters.

From APPL's 10-K (page 116):
Steven P. Jobs . . . 5,546,451 shares

In other words, he owns 958 million worth of Apple based on today's valuation, while they'd be worth about 465 million in the beginning of 07. One can calculate the actual compensation from this.

Any metric, once in eye of the public, will be PR-managed. Steve Jobs knows this because he was dragged around the newspapers a while ago because of his compensation: "Steve Jobs' recent $872 million options grant." These options last for a while, and he's already taken many of them out of the company. Essentially, because he was paid for his work upfront, year-by-year compensation doesn't really matter, especially when the stock price doubles during a single year.


Jon Peltier

Remember that Seth Godin's laws are for charts that will be on screen for only 30 seconds in front of a nontechnical audience. A stand up presentation is no place for a detailed graphic, but in a newspaper or magazine, it is available for as long as it holds the reader's interest.


Jon: there is a difference for sure between flip charts and something in the paper. I'd argue that for most people, there is a five-minute cap before they lose interest in any chart so there is a limit to the amount of complexity.

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