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The main part of the calendar only needs to answer one of 3 questions: Should students be there?, Should teachers be there (ie PD) ? Is there an exam ? Further detail can be obtained from a list or by placing in the squares. Public holidays are nice to know as well, so four colours should be sufficient. Weeks could be broken up by bolder lines.

Other interesting feature is September not starting until school starts but June just keeps going.

Jon Peltier

The calendar distributed by my kids' school is done simply. School days are bold, non school days are regular. An asterix denotes days when teachers must attend but students are off. A table below the calendar lists the dates and reasons school is out, e.g.,

24 Dec - 4 Jan Christmas Break

Very simple, as much detail as what you've posted without the confusion.

Ken: September starts on Saturday, and only weekdays are shown on this graphic. You probably noticed right after posting your comment, right? :)

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