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Two thumbs down, Typepad!

The recent "upgrade" of the Typepad interface has been an unmitigated disaster for me.  I wonder if some of you who blog may have the same issue.

The response time is painfully slow; I feel like we were back in dial-up modem world.

Simple functions like changing font size are mishandled.  E.g. switching from 13 to 14 to 15 made not a difference in the editing window to my eyes.  That's why yesterday's post looked so weird.

If you highlight several paragraphs of text, then change font size, while nothing noticable happens, now only the first paragraph is highlighted, implying that whatever changed was only applied to the first paragraph.

The automatic thumbnail generated by Typepad looks really poor, as Derek pointed out here.  The resolution is horrible; besides, the file size can be 3x that of a much larger, much clearer original image!

Trying to move around an image within the editing window has become impossible.  In addition, a blank space is now placed at the position where the image is inserted in the HTML where in the past, no extra space is inserted.  As a result, extra spaces show up in strange places.


The HTML interface is now completely useless.  Look at the image below.  Typepad decided to eliminate all line breaks so the entire HTML now shows up in one big paragraph, making it impossible to edit at all.


This is how a previously great company shoots itself in its foot.

I'm open to suggestions for where I should move the blog to... (Assuming you can get the commenting function to work, because I just failed multiple times)


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Robert Kosara

If you've been happy so far, you could probably just wait for them to react to the wave of bad publicity and fix things again. If not, there are tons of alternatives. The best is still to roll your own. With a decent CMS like Drupal, you can also structure your site much better than with a pure blog engine like this place has.

Jon Peltier

FWIW, I've been happy with WordPress, running on my host not hosted on the site.


I understand that Wordpress running on is also good. And I've been more than satisfied with running it on my host. I'd say that using something like Drupal is maybe a bit overkill.

Sean Carmody

I'm on, but the feature-set is somewhat limited compared to hosted Wordpress or other hosted solutions (e.g. no inclusion of any scripting). But I have found it easy to use and the end results seem to look pretty good.

Walter Underwood

Check out their posting about problems with Compose. File a help ticket.

John S.

Looks like they broke their RSS feed too. It's about three posts behind.

Rachel C

Wordpress is awesome, you will love the flexibility compared with Typepad. If you need a hand moving across, let me know :)

Scott Willeke

Blogger. Works, fast, easy, adding new useful features all the time.


The last WordPress update really improved it. Punish TypePad, just switch.

Yihui Xie

I believe the best way is surely to purchase your own domain name & host space. After several times of disappointment, I did so :-)

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