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The basic concept is good, but it's junky and clunky in all sorts of ways in its execution.

* the y axis has too many tick labels

* the y axis description label crowds the tick labels

* the x axis is a category axis instead of an interval axis, and the tick labels are between the ticks instead of at them

* the x scale labels are at the zero line, mixing in with the data. They should be out of the way, with a separate zero line provided if necessary

* inappropriate x axis spacing of three ticks per label, starting at -5, so the zero point "degustation onset time" gets missed out

* a clunky arrow tries to make good the lack, but the legend gets in the way, so the arrow looks like it's pointing to a space between "$10" and "wine"

An ugly case of Excel Default graphing there.

Xan Gregg

Took me a while to realize "-$10 wine -$90 wine" was the legend.

Besides derek's issues, I think the error bars add lots of noise and little value. Since they show little information (about as much variation as a unadorned curve suggests), they can be omitted altogether here.

Is there a better way to show that info when it is useful (or when the audience is more technical)? I usually like shaded regions around the line (a translucent fill between the lower confidence curve and the upper confidence curve), but that sometimes doesn't look good when you have two curves (as here) and their confidence regions overlap into an unexpected color combination.


Xan, perhaps a thinner or lighter line on either side?

Xan Gregg

Thanks derek. I'll experiment with thinner/lighter/dashed confidence curves. My other idea it to look for fill colors that overlay well, maybe very light colors or grayish shades.

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