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What a great example of chartjunk in that link! The first Excel chart wasn't too bad, them BAM, pimp my chart.

A line graph would have probably been best to show the batting average of the three players over the time period.

Thanks for the good laugh.

Jon Peltier

You too can make charts for USA Today!


Seriously. Horrible graph. They didn't even use baseballs to represent the information nor did they utilize small umpire icons or gloves. A crying shame.

John S.

I tried that translation experiment with your tag line, using French instead of Italian:

"Re-use of the refuse of diagram like art of refuse"


A quote from the second link really seal the deal:

"By doing this, you can make the differences between the columns seem more dramatic by shortening the range."

Patrick Murphy

I had trouble looking at the final graph. All those bats -- especially the dark, fat one with the light handle -- looked like corn dogs. Maybe it's because it's lunch time right now, so food is on my mind!


Getting any search engine to translate is tricky, but I really think that Babelfish did well on this occasion.

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