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Or for something more technical, include 95% confidence intervals (assuming the shots are independent, which they are presumably not)

I know one ex-policeman who made the mistake of firing two warning shots from a revolver. Then made 2 hits out of 4, which with a low powered weapon was luckily just enough, as he needed to reload. Only in the movies does someone get shot deliberately in the hand, shoulder or leg, in real life it is a near-miss.

Jon Peltier

I'm thinking that even for use beyond Mass Media, that a histogram of hit rate vs distance category might be best. At least unless there were much more data to support the Lorenz curve.


Jon: the histogram will answer the question too; since the data arrives aggregated into five buckets, it has the same issue of not enough data to characterize the curve. Further, it will show that the relationship is not linear, with possibly a steep drop beyond some distance.

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