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Jorge Camoes

Rows and columns in a table should be ordered using some meaningful key. The overall rating is not as lazy as the alphabetic order but probably there are better options. The items don't seem ordered at all.

Jacques Bertin's reorderable matrix could help a lot here. The idea is to find patterns in the data by reordering rows and columns.

(Could Richard provide the data? I'd like to play too...)


I'm strongly reminded of the "Noisy Subways" post from earlier this year. The problem seems to be the same: how to take a large number of candidates, rated by a large number of different criteria, and find and display a pattern in the n x m table.


Hi there,

already quite a while ago I was searching for software which deals with Jacques Bertin's recordable matrix. I found many articles, and in one there were a couple of screenshots of a piece of software (programmed on a Mac, it seemed). But so far, I don't know where to sort bigger tables in that way. Any help would be much appreciated!


I copied the data by hand from the image to a CSV file as I couldn't find the data on Privacy International's site. Not sure if this is intentional on their part or an oversight. Unfortunately I don't have anywhere on the web I can share this file, or my attempt at re-working the table, any suggestions?


Those looking for the data please email me and I'll forward along Richard's spreadsheet.

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