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I've been meaning to write about our "larger blog family", or social network, for a while.  It's taken time since this requires a bit of digging around.  These sites share significant traffic with us, which means readers like you also like these sites:

Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science
aka, the Gelman blog.  Active community of statisticians, with regular commentary on visualization and graphics, and occasional diversions into unexpected topics (spam! art!).  Required reading.

Information Aesthetics
Lovely blog focusing on graphics that are pleasing to the eye.  They like entertaining; we like informing.  Nice complement or counterpoint to our point of view.

Jason Kottke
" is a weblog about the liberal arts 2.0 edited by Jason Kottke".  Eclectic. 

Process Trends
D Kelly O'Day's collection of chart tips and links to on-line resources.

Juice Analytics
Website/blog run by a data analysis consulting firm.  Very active posting.  Good on tools.  They even awarded us the Juicy Award for "charts and graphs": a belated thank you!

Edward Tufte
The meeting point of Tufte fans.  Tufte himself also joins in the forums.  For the very serious.

Before this blog shut down due to employer interference,  two hedge fund guys shared their wit

Robert Kosara's blog on all things visual.  We featured his scribble maps here.

Statistical Graphics and Data Visualization
This blog suffered twice.  First, a certain StatGraphics company forced them to abandon their original URL.  Then, the blog activity withered.

Josu's Spanish blog ("Bad Press") picking out factual errors in the Spanish press.  (Thanks to Josu and Jorge for correcting my misattribution.)

The next batch includes:

Social Science Statistics
Data Mining: Text Mining, Visualization and Social Media
Science Magazine
L'economie sans tabou
R Project Wiki

The problem is it's hard to keep up because a lot of other sites are showing up in the recent history.  But then most of you come directly to the site, or through Google, or through an RSS reader, or del.i.cious and so on.


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Jorge Camoes

Just a small correction: Malaprensa means something like "bad press" and is a Spanish blog focused on the numeric errors (figures, charts, statistics...) found in the Spanish press.

My Portuguese blog is called BizViz (


Hi, there
I am the editor of Malaprensa, which is, as Jorge pointed, a blog in Spanish about factual errors in the press.
I focus mostly on Spanish papers but sometimes I write about other countries.
I discovered your blog long time ago and I am a big fan.
It is great to know that my readers are coming to your site.
Josu Mezo


Thanks Jorge and Josu. Corrected the description for Malaprensa.

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