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OnionIt's the heat of the summer so here's another entertaining contribution.  Mike K, a reader, helpfully points us to this chart from The Onion (a satirical paper).

The artist must know some best practices since he/she can get so many things wrong at once.  At least he/she can do math, the percentages do add up to 100.

Histograms are the second most popular chart, that's a surprise!

Source: "America's Most Popular Charts", The Onion, Jan 7, 2007.


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Jon Peltier

Aaaaggghh! It's a dreaded cylinder chart!!


Do most people even know the difference between a histogram and a bar chart? Yeah, pretty sure this data is fake.


Might have been funnier if the percentages didn't add up. At least the lie factor is way off.


Too bad the designer didn't try to cram data into the pie charts. That would have been awesome.

Jon Peltier

Nathan -

Of course the numbers are made up. 74% of published statistics are made up, and 94% of statistics published on the internet are made up.


Yes, but 65% of Internet users are still unaware of that fact.

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