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You must include this WSJ chart - the best fit line misses almost all the data.



It looks like the gray hues are grouping what the author is judging to be healthy and unhealthy. Soda, beer, and coffee one color, and juice, sports drinks, and milk another. I agree that it's confusing because I could think of arguments to change the beverages in each group.


Anyone who expects more than agitprop and fishwrap from the WSJ editorial page is confused. They deserve Murdoch, and vice-versa.

FD: not that it matters, but Norway's datum in that chart is wrong, due to an energy-excise tax.

Zuil Serip

I agree with Matthew that the WSJ chart is of historic dishonesty. In fact I left a post commenting on this very chart on Tufte's site a couple of days ago:

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