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Mike Anderson

A minor nit, but the countries in the stacked chart aren't the same as those on the bar chart. I'm not saying that Turkey, Nigeria, and Turkmenistan would have put the stack higher than the US, but the chartmaker does have some numbers up his sleeve.

I'm OK with the gridlines; they let you eyeball estimate some of the individual countries...

I'm eager to see how the bars stack up in 2010.


It's misleading, and I worked out why when i saw France apparently consumes less petrol than Australia. That doesn't sound right, and I believe it's because in France diesel-engined cars account for about 55% of the market. Similar in most European countries diesel is between 30% and 70%. So you can probably double Europe's share in that table.

So it's correct when looking at petrol/gasoline, but not if you are trying to make a point about use of oil-related products in automobiles.


This is total per day by country? Would a more accurate metric be per person by country?
On the right chart - as I recall, Iran subsidizes gasoline while the US and Europe tax it. http://www.iht.com/articles/2007/06/29/news/iran.php

Scott Lamb

I think the original is a good concept, though it's too bad that it doesn't include all fuel (Matthew pointed out this is just gasoline) and that the consumption and price numbers are from different years.

There are a few other graphs that might be interesting:

* fuel/population/timespan vs country (how does the average American's fuel use compare to the average non-American?)

* money/population/timespan vs country (how does the average American's fuel spending compare?) possibly rather than money in absolute terms, a percentage of income

* fuel/population/timespan vs money/fuel (is the US an outlier, or do people in general buy more where it's cheaper?)

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