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The 7000 may have come from carelessly reading the year label as the value.


Nice bit of context adding with the "Indo-Chinese influx" label, but what is with all the crowded year labels? Would it have killed them to at least leave every second tick unlabelled?

The ordinate axis is overlabelled too, of course. Imagine if maps had scales like that?


Sally - that's a funny observation: 2003 + 2004 + 2005 = 6012. The theory of the NYT is that the cumulative cases over 30 years were about 7000, not 3 years. That is a bit incredulous because the program was explicitly comparing the last 3 years to the past, trying to infer that recent immigration may have caused a hike in infection rates.

The current controversy is the refusal by Lou to correct this mistake. He claimed that by having used the correct numbers in a different report, he has already (tacitly?) acknowledged the error.

Derek - my eyes blurred over too with the axis labels


Is it actually possible to have "a shocking incident of statistical abuse committed by Lou Dobbs and the CNN crew"?

Sure, it's abuse, but considering it's Lou Dobbs -- or really practically any news show on TV -- how shocking is bad statistical reasoning?

It's like being shocked that a 16 year old girl gets pregnant. Not a good thing, but too common for shock.

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