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Thanks for the tip. This is a vast improvement over standard graphic presentations.

You look at these types of charts -- and the impressive speed of revision in a "thin client" application -- and it makes you wonder how Excel gets away with having essentially the same static chart format for 15 years now. The fat client just keeps getting fatter, but the graphics don't change much.


zbicyclist, I think the thing you have to remember about Excel is that it isn't a graphing program, but a spreadsheet program. The graphing add-on is just a "dog-in-the-manger" placeholder to warn developers not to try to fill the hole in the market. Like the Thematic Map add-on in Excel, it was developed just far enough to serve the purpose of chilling competition, and then abandoned to orphanhood. It has essentially lain untouched since Lotus 1-2-3 went to the wall.

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