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..of course, the real problem here is that there is such a thing as election fraud, but that I have seen no (0, literally) evidence that the current DoJ is pursuing it. All the great chart design in the world will never obscure the failure of the data going into it to be meaningful.


Is it me, or did you mix up the conviction rate with the acquittal rate? I would have thought that 80% of vote buying indictments resultes in conviction.
I was also wondering about the data: could anybody but a voter be indicted on "multiple voting" or "voting by ineligible", or if somebody else facilitates it that would fall into another category?


I had the same thought, Aniko. Of the five types of indictments (really seven; the first is a combination of three very different offenses), only registration fraud could be committed by both the voter and someone other than the voter. The convicted party is really just a subcategory of indictment type (or vice-versa).


Aniko: thanks for pointing out the error. I have now fixed it.

Doug: Good call. Indeed, that's why in the bottom table, I blanked out some of the entries; they were just not relevant.

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