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Web_dotcombubbles Thanks to Dustin J for the pointer as well as the title of this post.  Dotcom bubbles is the most appropriate name for this overblown chart (featured as the "chart of the day" here).

The chart has no title or axis labels so only the diligent reader will figure out that the data consist of acquisition value of several high-profile Internet companies in the past three years.

There are less data than it seems.  Both the heights and the areas of the bubbles indicate the same thing, the deal values.  If we are supposed to see a trend, we are not finding it.

Most of these deals are not directly comparable anyway.  Webex and Ironport are infrastructure type companies with real business models.  Skype is a phone service.  Ask Jeeves is not a leader in its own space. Myspace and YouTube are traffic sites.

Reference: "Chart of the Day: Web deals", Valleywag, Mar 15 2007.


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Jon Peltier

Not completely off topic, and just as ludicrous as the featured bubble chart, is a short passage from a recent column by Dave Barry:

TODAY'S WRITING TIP: In writing a resume, make sure that it is "up to date" and reflects current economic conditions:

WRONG: "I am currently working for a 'dot-com' company."

RIGHT: "I am currently living in an appliance carton."


well i think that this is good sign from your side to present a new observations and by this thought we can achive most of those things which we are still unaware.

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