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The third chart could use red and blue to indicate whether the president was a Republican or a Democrat.


Isn't it remarkable also that he has both the second-lowest and the second-highest approval rates??


Truman is a two-term president and Lyndon Johnson is a one-term president?
Better to say "dots connect observations in which the president is the same".


In most cases, isn't it the case that if a President had two mid-term ratings, he would have had two terms?

Political history is definitely not my forte. So I stand corrected.

Xris (Flatbush Gardener)

I find the tick-marks associated with the years confusing; years are not points on a line. I'm guessing that it marks January 1st for each year?

Placing the year labels between the tick-marks would be clearer.

Jon Peltier

Xris -

The years are categories along the categorical X axis (along with the labels indicating current president).

If you want a precise date, the relevant mid-term approval rating is that measured just before the elections in early November.

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