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Interesting discussion as usual, Kaiser.

You are correct that the diagram I pointed to encodes less information than the alternatives you gave.

This needs not be the case, however. Here is another example of a Sankey diagram that conveys the same level of information as the network and Marimekko charts:

The simpler diagram I pointed to simply used size to convey the magnitude of a number. As you can see from the second, it is possible to use color to track a flow from source to destination.


Other related topics you might want to check out are the hammock plot (a generalisation of the parallel coordinate plot, aka bump chart), and flow map layout, an algorithm for laying out flow maps.

Kelly O'Day

I've made a Excel panel dot plot of the energy data. You can see it here.

panel dot plot

I prefer dot plots to mosaic charts. Excel can be used to make panel charts (Tufte's small multiples, Cleveland's trells) with a little transformation and dummy axis.


I'm not sure how you can prefer dot plots to mosaic charts - it's like preferring a hammer to a screwdriver. They are both useful, but for different tasks.

Admittedtly, mosaic plots are harder to get your head around, but well worth the effort.

Mosaic Patterns

thanks for the eefort...ill agrre with zuil, its really difficult to draw...

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