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Mike Anderson

I have to echo Michael Crichton on this: if Lowenstein isn't credible when he talks about statistics, how can we believe what he says about anything else?

Marc Shivers

Lowenstein's book struck me as a fictionalized version of events: more of a good story than an acurate history.

By far the best account of events I've read is Nicholas Dunbar's Inventing Money. He clearly understands both the math and the finance involved.


Eww, Crichton. If he isn't credible while convincing the US president that global warming doesn't exist, how can we believe what he says about anything else?

In re LTCM, I missed the books, but I know the story. Sobering, 'tis true, but a good lesson always to recall your assumptions, and to remember that leverage really does work wonders.

Grammarian Librarian

I think you meant to write "in the same breath", not "breadth".

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