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Come on!

This is a great figure - Tufte would be proud! Obviously there is no measure for freedom that one could correlate with the price of oil on a meaningful scale. nevertheless, the message comes across beautifully.


Michael Anderson

What a fabulous model! Perfectly straight lines fitted piecewise, that have equal but opposite slopes (on some unspecified scales), and which both turn the corner simultaneously. It's like action at a distance.

Ah, but what really MAKES this graph are the cherry-picked events scribbled in to suggest a cause-and-effect relationship. This PROVES the model to be correct!

Please stop showing these silly graphs--you're making stuff come out my nose.


This is a metaphor; all models are metaphors. But this is a silly one, and a particularly dangerous one at that, for it's a beautiful chart devoted to political propaganda. Not the stuff we should be seeing here, at least not without due comments.


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