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Historical gas prices.


BTW, if you look at that link, you can see why the graphic used those dates on the horizontal axis.


Thanks Robert for the data source. I think it confirms that they were plotting weekly gas prices; the point that using generic "week 1", "week 2" etc. labels would have improved readability is still valid, I believe.


Those are prices on the reported day, not average prices for a week. From the EIA: "Every Monday, retail prices for all three grades of gasoline are collected by telephone from a sample of approximately 900 retail gasoline outlets. [...] The reported price includes all taxes and is the pump price paid by a consumer as of 8:00 A.M. Monday."


I think the use of dates is reasonable, and likely to be of more use than 'week 1' etc.

The main problem is, I think, the fact that the caption is making a comparison to a year previously, but the graph covers only 3 months. In fact, the caption suggests that there had been a drop in prices prior to January, but the graph hides this.

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