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McdonaldsinfoFrom Information Aesthetics comes this entry about how McDonalds in Europe visualized nutrition data.  A few people have already made insightful comments over there.  I find the use of colors a bit gratuitous.  The choice of mapping colors to nutrient groups rather than to coverage of the daily amounts is odd.  This is a good attempt, a definite improvement upon the usual data table, but certainly not the last word.

Information Aesthetics is a great blog that discusses data graphics that are much higher-end and complex than the ones seen here.  Well worth a read!



I don't think the colors are too bad. I'm of course assuming the different colors actually mean something and that there's a legend that's placed right next to the chart. Definitely an improvement on the regular charts.

p.s. i was really happy to see blogs like this and information aesthetics in existence...any others?

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