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Memo to new owner: what's the point?

Software company Siebel's new owner Oracle put out an embarrassing ad this week; I excerpted the bottom half here. 


The headline of the ad (see the full ad here) screams in large, bold, white letters: "BUSINESS IMPACT  COUNTS."

Unfortunately, the chart answers no questions but raises a full bunch:

  • How were these ratings obtained?  Which experts determined the scores?
  • What is the scale?  How much better is a quarter of a circle?
  • What does it mean by "business impact"?  What exactly is being measured?
  • Why are the circles of differing radii?  What do radii signify?
  • Isn't "Adoption" the category that has the largest separation between the two companies?  Why isn't that highlighted?
  • What is the order of the five criteria?  It is not alphabetical, not ranked by either company's category scores, nor by the differences in these scores


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And what does "Vendor" mean?

But I think we should applaud this truth-in-advertising: these half-baked ads are emblematic of the quality of Siebel software.


Excellent post, thanks for shared.

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