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I would like to point out a minor issue with your graph: the y-axis is labelled "% Happy" whereas the numbers on this axis are 0.1 0.2 0.3 ... I guess that these numbers should read 10 20 30 ...


Thanks for spotting the error. It's easy to get mixed up since in my mind 0.1 = 10%, etc.


Well, people generally assume that rich people are going to be happier than poor people, so even though the income effect is larger it is less newsworthy.

Also, cost of living varies throughout the US, as does the distribution of Republicans and Democrats; and people's happiness about their incomes is likely to vary by gender, which is slightly correlated with party (I believe). So I would like to see a few more equalizers before concluding that there is a straight "Party" effect.


And a major issue with the original graph: the y-axis isn't labelled at all. In fact, neither is the x-axis.

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