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RedonytmagThis chart reminds us, yet again, of the issue with bubble charts.  I have deliberately blocked out some of the data.  If I blocked everything out, there is no reference point to estimate the size of any bubble.  Even with the unblocked data, it is not easy to estimate the blocked data.

Take a guess before you click to reveal the answer.

Reference: New York Times Magazine, Dec 11, 2005.


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my guesses were:
45(+3) 49(=) 6
29 58(+1) 13(=)
24 56(+4) 20(+2)
21(-1) 48(+1) 31
so i was not that bad. that's because i guessed that each line should add up to 100.

if you look at the "only some"-row at first glance every violet bulp looks the same although the second is 10 points bigger than the last.

but bulps are great: with bulps there's no need showing confidence intervals because you just don't realize tiny differences!!

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