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Andrew Gelman has a great post on a piece of government propaganda.  Be sure to take a look.  His commentary makes much sense.

I'd add that the jobs number refers to "job creation" not outstanding jobs, which explains why it is in the thousands.  Propaganda manifests itself in both what it includes and what it omits.  While this chart includes a comparison of monthly unemployment rates against an average rate going back to 1960, it does not compare the job creation number to the level required to keep up with population growth.


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The term propaganda is a STRONG word. I have not seen you employ it before. I have not seen you so quickly pass MORAL judgment from a graphic before. What in the graphic says "pass moral judgment" on producer of graphic (and infer you know who produced it)? I will say that you are speaking quite rashly and out of character.


Well, I can't claim credit for using the p-word since Andrew used it first. So the issue here could be a lack of editorial judgement, which in retrospect I understand why you feel that way.

It sounds like you're a regular reader and thanks for dropping by.

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