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Does run defense win Super Bowls?

Light entertainment

A reader sent in this precious piece of pop-up pop art from, an omnipresent advertisers on the Web.  Talk about mixed metaphors: astronomy and real estate and mortgage rates and planet Earth and reflecting pool.


What caught our eye are the line segments joining the houses.  At Junk Charts, we are baffled by the association of mortgage rates with houses, and in particular, the juxtaposition of dipping lines and rising mortgage rates.  While we have often praised line charts, they too can be abused.

(Thanks to Scott.  Visit his website.)

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Mike Anderson

As a line chart, the sequence of houses makes no sense whatsoever. But ignore the data, and you'll see some truly fractured astronomy. It's a caricature of the Big Dipper, which can NEVER be that close to the moon in the night sky. And what tropical tax haven is spamming from?

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