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Ola Rosling

Gapminders reasons for using size:

1) In the whole presentation the area represent size of population. To keep peoples focus on what really is beeing told we always try to keep as many visual parameters static as possible.

2) When comparing averages for population of extremely different sizes: Vanuatu & China, the size of bubbles make the user keep the "relevance" in mind, by "weight" the visual impression. Comparing nations is actualy far to agregated, but thats the data UN have collected so far...

3)It is a bit faster to find a country when looking for: "a big country in Africa"

4) Lots of people find the bubble chart FAR more atractive compared to a plot with small dots. Probably because we can paint these bubblles with nice colours and the whole thing looks more appealing.

Please comment!

Billy Boyle

Hi there, like the post. I'm a big fan of Edward Tufte and spotting charts that hinder more than help. I have used bubble charts in a representation of a portfolio of products. Would be curious to get your take on it? http://acasoanalytics.wordpress.com/2008/06/18/portfolio-monte-carlo-analysis/

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