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With so few "Don't knows", the number of categories drops to three. In that case an alternative to the stacked bar is a ternary plot.

Here's a standard ternary plot (but I confess I always have difficulty figuring out which way the axes go).

Here's a scatterplot with the "about the same" dimension shown as contours. I think it makes your comparison ("try comparing the percentage who thought women's legal rights were the same against the percentage who thought [strength of family was] the same") possible.


I have always had mixed feelings about the ternary plot. On the one hand, I find it a brilliant invention; I still remember the first time I saw it in a geography textbook. On the other hand, it is, it seems to me, strictly for professionals.

Unless the story of the data is simple, it takes time to understand this plot. I'll find an excuse to talk more about this type of plot in the future. Thanks for bringing it up!

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