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Early Christmas

Frequent readers may have noticed I jumped the gun on Christmas and put my wish list in the right column.  If you feel charitable this holiday season, please help me build my library of books.  (This lucky woman received a gift of 1,082 books; I wished only eight!)  In any case, do browse the list because these are important books for all serious data sleuths.


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John Shonder

Interesting list Kaiser. I think I'll put a couple of those on my own wish list. Have you read "Curve Ball" by Jim Albert and Jay Bennet?


You might want to update your wish of the grammar of graphics to the 2nd edition.


Good call, Hadley. I fixed that.

John, I'll also put up some more complete list. This list only contains the books I have yet to read and those I want a copy.

I'm hoping to read Curve Ball too. I have read Moneyball recently and am working through the Numbers Game.

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