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Next in our light entertainment series, brought to you by Northern Trust:


Ironically, it is even more important for advertising copy writers to make sure their key messages come across effortlessly when they use charts.  They literally have three seconds to get my attention.

What are we supposed to read from this chart?  Discuss.

Thanks to Annette for passing this on.


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Mike Anderson

I need $180 worth of memories for every $100 of investments for a balanced portfolio? Or perhaps my monthly Contentment Earnings are 80% higher for memories than for investments? Personally, I'd be more content if I had remembered to make more investments.

Now the picture, combined with the graphic, makes for an interesting story. Once Hot Dog Harry paddles the lead canoe over the waterfall on the horizon, his trophy wife can return to the vacation lodge, content with both the memories AND the investments.

Dan Coates

That memories are 80% more likely to contribute to a sense of contentment than investments.

Did they measure contentment, measure volume of investments and then measure the volume of memories, running a correlation analysis between the dependent variable (contentment) and the independent ones (memories and investments) ... probably not ...

This is more likely just another feel good ad by yet another financial institution. Anyone who's determined to 'live richly' hasn't tried to buy Manhattan real estate lately ;-)

My Corcoran broker's message of late has been 'live like a pauper, you need to have the entire purchase price in cash to get past the Co-op board!'

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