Hiding the message with bar charts
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Mike Anderson

Perfect correlation with a slope of 0.5? I was quite surprised to see that the variables "a good life" and "a good quarter" could be so precisely measured. What, pray tell, are the units of measurement?

I'm also somewhat baffled by the attitude that "a good quarter" is represented as the DEPENDENT variable, and "a good life" is the INDEPENDENT variable. Does this suggest cause-and-effect? Is the Northern Trust recommending that we can achieve material wealth (or at least better cash flow) by first becoming better people?

My mind reels.


Is it at all significant that the line in the graph is tilted at about the same angle as the camera?

Mike Anderson

Cake? I like having my cake! Neither text nor photo show any cake. Perhaps the good life is measured in units of cakes.

Atanu Dey

What Mike said brings to mind what Bertrand Russell claimed. He said that "a good life is the happy life." He explained further that he does not mean by that that if you are good, you will be happy, but rather if you are happy you will be good.

So if you are having a happy life, you will be good at what you do and hence you will good quarters.

Westling Shade

I don't really matter about on how you are going to measure a happy life as long as my life is always full of meaning with an inspirations around.

Vrabel Ching

"The most precious asset is time" Yes, absolutely true. Remember life is too short so must live life to the fullest..

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