A variant of the "half-baked" disease

Simplicity and clarity

Here's a quick post to tide you over while I recover from the weekend's festivities.  There was surprisingly little traffic on the roads this weekend, and one suspects that gas prices had something to do with it.

Gas prices form the data underlying this simple, clear and effective chart:


No bells and whistles.  Just a straightforward presentation of the data. 

The key messages scream out at the reader: that the price of gas in the U.S.,as high as it is right now, is still much lower than those in many European countries; and that government taxes explain most of the price differential.


We've seen many examples of simple charts that fail to do justice to the data.  Even simple data series should be handled with care.  I'm glad to say this chart is well-done, and I appreciate the effort.

Reference: "Europe, With Other Woes, Takes Gas Prices in Stride", New York Times, Sept 1 2005.


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