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Mike Anderson

VERY nice. I'm going to assign this as reading to my freshmen.

I especially liked the "big picture" graphic with the middle market teams boxed*; this very quickly draws attention to Chicago and St Louis, who have apparently figured out how to maximize ROI.

*What graphics package are you using? Either it's pretty versatile, or you're doing some very clever tricks to get the calibration lines and boxes.


Looks to me those graphics were generated with R (the dollar signs in the variable names give it away).

You are doing great work on this blog!


John is right. R is an amazing tool and not just for graphing. It requires a basic understanding of programming. Almost anything you can visualize in your mind, you can create using R. I will likely write a post on R in the future.

The link where the software is freely downloadable is listed under my "Sites of Interest".

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