In Praise of the Bumps Chart II
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The right emphasis

Junk artists have no shortage of raw materials; those living in NYC will understand what I mean.  So today I saw this graphic in the Economist. Redoeconomistaids
It supports an article that describes the "progress and problems" with WHO's 3x5 campaign to fight AIDS in poorer countries.

In my junkchart version, I have switched the emphasis from the absolute number of people in need to the percentage of those who have (or have not) received ARV therapy.

I dislike the common practice of the cut-off (see the sub-Sahara bar): our brain just isn't capable of extrapolating and understanding how far the bar would have stretched off the page.

The grid-lines are avoided by providing data labels.

As usual, the sub-title gives the main point of the graphic, and anything minor (namely, the date) is put to the periphery.

Reference: "Moving Targets", Economist, June 30 2005


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