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On your opion of donut charts:
Everyone, including you, is free to expouse their own stupid opinion.


Right on. I was thinking of writing a post on this, but I'm not sure what I would add. And to the comment from Andy with the misspellings: if you are going to have an opinion, at least make an argument.


My vote is for a table, but any graphic will work better than the donuts.

Andy is obviously a graphic designer. If someone is going to use uncommon words then it is a good idea to check the spelling.


And what about the underlined text "donut chart" or the blue text "Never ever use a donut chart", neither of which are links. I humbly add never ever make anything look like a link when it's not a link. Pie's have their place when used appropriately, especially as a matrix of pies for comparison. It would be easier to visually compare a grid of pies than a grid of bars or lines.

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