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Kelly O'Day


Your site is great, I really like your posts on bumps charts. Junkcharts is the only site besides Tufte where I have found anything about bumps.

A few questions:

What should you call a bumps like chart that is used for non crew related data?

Are you aware of any other examples, sites, references to bumps?

Why aren't bumps used for more before - after comparisons?

Any informatiopn on bumps will be appreciated.



Hi Kelly,

Thanks for the comments. If you try "bumps" in the search box, you'll find quite a few occasions where I suggested using Bumps charts.

I've been calling them Bumps charts, not sure if there is an official name for it. Essentially it is perfect for tracing changes in ranks over time.

I've extended its usage to tracing changes in value over time but this is tricky especially if the values are bunched together.

Kelly O'Day


I've made a page on my site for bumps charts. Once you start lookng, there are a lot of charts out there that coud be improved by using a bumps format.


I'll be interested any thoughts you may have on these examples.



You note "Not so for pie slices: no one will be able to tell a 15% slice from a 10% slice."

I'm guessing one or more of the following statements is false:

Your mother baked a lot of pies.

You had several siblings, especially brothers.

If both of the above were true, you'd be easily able to tell the difference between a 10.0% slice of pie and a 10.1% slice of pie. The bigger slice is, obviously, the one your brother is unfairly getting.

[In terms of pie charts, though, you are correct.]

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