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Dan Wigglesworth

There appears to be two purposes to the poll.

  1. To prompt readers to reflect on ethical dilemmas in which they might find themselves (useful!) and

  2. To get insight into the collective mind of a sample of CAPs -- perhaps with a view to discovering how one stands relative to peers. If I find that I appear to be an "outlier", I should consider rethinking my position (with caution).

Considering the latter point, it might be instructive to know how a given respondent varies from response to response. For example, is it the same 2, 3 or 4 respondents who chose "Yes, Just do it!" in almost every case? Or was there more variability? Alternatively, were there any respondents who were consistently in the "Don't even think about it?" category who then switched to the "Yes, Just do it?" category? If so, in which scenario's did this occur?


great information.


great information.

Samuel Kazungu Muramba

Very informative article for ethics committee members


Great post. Thanks for sharing

Martin Buuri Kaburia

Good study


Great Post!

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