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Sean Taylor of Facebook is here! I believe he is a discussant at a session at 8:30 on Thursday morning.


Alyssa: Thanks for the note. Sean and I found ourselves in the same room this morning and we chatted!

Mike Liveright

(Repeat?) I wonder if you can link to a video podcast and a transcript of the talk? I'd like to see, read it in full.



Great to hear Google is using Bayesian Networks! Such a good tool for inferring missing data while making use of all available data sources.

So jealous of everyone at JSM this year- maybe I'll get to see you all there in 2015. Thanks for the updates though, this will help guide my reading for a while.

Rick Wicklin

Here is a summary of Stigler's JSM presentation, along with some of my own views


Thanks Rick for the link. Rick's summary is the first (and more substantial) part of Stigler's talk. My bullets above come from the second part of the talk, in which he explains how these concepts overturned heavily ingrained ideas of the time.

Also, I have added to the list of talks I attended.

David Chudzicki

Hearing "Throwing individual level data away reduces the amount of information" described as a fallacy worries me a bit. For one thing this statement is true (for any technical definition of "information), but more importantly I feel it's ignoring lots of progress in getting people to model individual-level data in hierarchical models, rather than just e.g. a regression on group means.

Throwing away data might be worthwhile for any number of reasons (e.g. computational or to make a plot more readable), but it *is* throwing away information. And if you can, it's better to build a model at the level of individual data than aggregates.

I wasn't at the talk and don't know what was said, so maybe all of this was made clear, and the "fallacy" language is just supposed to be a good sound bite.

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