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Alan Lucaz

I wanted to share a video that I think can be helpful for your readers that deals with planning and executing a Big Data program. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ow76L0IEZNY) This video is based off of TEKsystems research and delivers the message in a cute way through multiple sci-fi references.


I thought the whole point of Google (and the primary factor driving its success) is that it made this whole broadcast-derived estimation of "webshare" irrelevant. Google makes advertisers bid for clicks, not charge on the basis of impressions (which is what I believe most advertisers did pre-google), let alone estimates of impressions. I don't know how FB or Yahoo charge now, but I can't imagine they can diverge much from the industry leader (Google).

Analysis of weblogs is another thing entirely, but I don't think Google or Yahoo are anywhere near living or dying over these stats, other than for PR and (maybe) for what they may suggest about trends. Google can count the pennies coming in with each advertising click, and that's what they live & die on.


Or I'm wrong. :)


Gary: Google purchased Doubleclick the giant of display advertising some years ago so it is in both the clicks and the impressions business. Clicks themselves also are not the ironclad metric you think they are. Start with click fraud or click farms. Followed by accidental clicks. Then, clicks that do not lead to purchases, and clicks that are misattributed.
Also, try to describe what clicks accomplish from a marketing/ advertising perspective, and you are in rather barren territory.

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