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I grew up in the Bronx and took the subway for most of my young years, until I left New York in 1971. There were never any clocks telling us how long it would be until the next train came. I do remember getting irritated but the trains ran so often - I think back then it was just the way things were and we accepted it. Same with the buses. However, riding the subway can be quite anxiety-provoking, so anything that can lessen that anxiety sounds wonderful!

Floormaster Squeeze

To me the greatest benefit of the countdown clocks is the ability to skip the next train coming (crowded) to take a presumed less crowded train behind it(if the countdown shows it is coming soon). When I was a regular subway commuter I chose to skip a crowded train only to be punished with a long wait at times and blessed with an empty train shortly after other times.

I have used these clocks while visiting various cities and they are even more helpful for visitors (you can actually make plans based on when trains or buses are coming).

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