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Meic Goodyear

There is some confusion here about what a "false positive" means. For a screening test it means a positive test when the disease is not present. However, thyroid cancer is not generally screened for, but thyroid hormones are part of many routine blood tests. Abnormal sectrerions would normally result in further investigation before setting about serious surgery. What Dr Braunstein seems to be telling us is that their clinical practice errs very much on the side of caution, with far more healthy than diseased thyroids being removed. This may well be to do with legalistic context - undertreatment seeming to result in far more law suits than overtreatment in some parts of the world.

Floormaster Squeeze

Or it could be the Dr. Braunstein and their practice get trained and paid to "do stuff" but not trained or paid "not to do stuff".

Meic Goodyear

Yes indeed. This is one reason why most of us in the UK regard the NHS's model of salaried healthcare professionals as being much better for patients than the fee-for-service model. Not only is access more equitable, but surgeons have no incentive to inflict unnecessary damage to patients to increase income.

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