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Tom, thanks for the note. In one of my other posts, I tried to ask if anyone has read any studies that attempt to measure the extent of false negatives in criminal law but no real leads so far...


Is there any independent verification of Lance's 500 tests claim? I can verify 29 tests by USADA but that is it.


Yeah there are plenty of ways to pass dope testing, there are flush your system products out there that could be hidden in a drink that in less than 24 hours flush drugs out your system.
There are a hosts of myriads of ways to cheat now a days that evade traditional controls for cheating like urine and blood testing.

In fact often athletes who get caught doping come out and complain 50-to everyone% of people are also doping and they just got caught because they doped a lil too much.

When I see cases like Lance where his whole team admits to or is caught doping and says yeah lance doped with us. Sure he passed the test, but so did the other guys who got caught on numerous occasions despite doping.

When you have schemes like athletes taking their blood and storing it weeks in advance, and then switching their doped blood with the clean blood the night before, drug test cannot catch that. When there are designer drugs where one molecule is changed and a drug test cannot detect that "new drug" which is just 1 molecule different but has the same effect then it is a joke to say I pass all the test so I am not doping. When you consider that there are now drugs and designer drugs that exist for the purpose of making other drugs undetected and concealing the use of other drugs; and that one could take a smart regime of drugs to hide use.

Ie. Just look at this website
Steriods can take anywhere from 18 months to 1 day to clear your system. A smart doper would take the 18 month regimine maybe 2 years before being tested, then move on to 12 month, then 5month, then 4 month, then 2 month, then 6 weeks then 2 weeks then 1 day steroid, all while stopping new steroid intake just in time to ensure the roid half life runs out. But guess what, if I take that steroid that improves my performance that goes away in a day, my steroid muscles isn't going to go away as fast, it takes longer for my muscles to go back to normal. So in essence passing test mean jack shit. I could have more steroids than an animal farm and still pass all the test without any additional drugs to mask the use just by timing.


He never failed a test period. No more question asked.

Passing drug tests

Tyler Hamilton failed 3 times. Whoaaa.... Agreed with @Splint


Nothing magical about how Lance and team supposedly evaded detection and positive tests. Doctors developed faster acting versions of existing drugs and then took steps to avoid being testing within the window of detection. In terms of odds, they were stacking the deck against the probabilities of detection you outlined to get down to zero probability.

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