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Cody L. Custis

How can I look at the chart, when it is irrelevant? The chart compares a percentage of the total electorate with the percentage unemployed within each education cohort, meaning there are completely different denominators.

Until the chart gets made with an accurate comparison of percent of unemployed in each cohort with percent who vote in each cohort, I refuse to give it further consideration.

Mike Anderson

Good call, Cody! The argument coupled with this chart is, as Pauli once said, "not even wrong."

Unlike Cody, I think this is worth digging into. Well, it's worth having my undergrad stats students dig into, so they can (1) find out what the numbers really say, (2) learn what an ecological fallacy is, and (3) see how statistically ignorant some of our "best and brightest" pundits are.

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