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Alas, the content at that site is restricted to subscribers.


Evelyn: Didn't realize it's behind a paywall. Significance, used to be published by RSS but now jointly published by ASA and RSS, is a great magazine that discusses actual applications of statistics in a bewildering range of areas. I highly recommend getting a subscription if it's not too expensive.


Another quote is "A Bayesian prior is an assumption of an infinite amount of past relevant experience. But you cannot forget that you have just made up a whole bunch of data."

I joined the ASA to get print copies of the American Statistician but also get Significance and Amstat news. I'm very impressed with Significance. I can't see myself ordering print copies of JASA.

Dean Eckles

What's really odd is that even if your institution has access to Significance, that link likely doesn't work. I'm at Stanford and we have access, but I had to find it through Wiley.

Efron has the article on his list of interviews: http://stat.stanford.edu/~ckirby/brad/other/


"I spent the next dozen years and dozen papers sorting out bootstraps. Like many things, the first effort is the successful one, everything else is cleaning up afterwards."

Rob Easterling

For more of Efron's wisdom on statistics I recommend his AmStat News columns during 2004 when he was ASA President.

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