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silly things

"healthy customers" are analogous to residents with homes in areas that are not hurricane-prone; do we think they are carrying hurricane insurance?

The above is not an issue for a good disaster insurance co for 2 reasons.

1. disaster insurance companies operates over both space and time (not just space).

2. disaster insurance insures against different uncorrelated disasters. Places without hurricane may have earthquake.


ST: Good comment. The problem for a hurricane insurer is to find customers who won't need payouts when a hurricane hits, otherwise it will go bust every time. This spatial concentration is unique to the hurricane (natural disaster) insurance business.
Insurers do not put premiums collected from hurricane policies in the same risk pool as those collected from earthquake policies. In fact, some even ring off Florida policies into its own risk pool precisely because other states that are not as exposed to hurricanes do not want to be in the same pool as Florida.
The book discusses all this in greater detail. The point is that in reality, you can only put people into the same risk pool if they feel like they are "fairly treated".
There is something called reinsurance that pools together policies from uncorrelated disasters. I think those structures are a disaster waiting to happen. Will write more about that in the future.


I frankly hope that not repeat disaster from previous hurricanes.


Insurance Claim Help Florida

The next major hurricane to hit Florida should answer all your questions.

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